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Exceptional rental in Ardeche
with Nordic charm

The house that’s part of the journey

Welcome in a magnificent place in the heart of Ardèche. We built the house that we dreamt of staying in and set the bar very high! We were guided by our concern for sustainability, and placed wellness above all else.


We all fell in love with the Glass House, a long house made of solid wood and glass. Striking and elegant, this house is the result of a creative blend from a Finnish builder and a Californian architect! Both longed for sun and space.


With its large South-West-facing bay window seamlessly opening onto the outside, this single-storey house offers exceptional comfort. A pergola spans the front of the house facing 1,300m2 of land planted with oak trees, overlooking the Rhône valley and the Château de Crussol.


Designed with almost century-old polar pine (from eco-managed forests) according to Scandinavian standards, this house’s thermal efficiency is considerably superior to the requirements of the RT 2012 standard. The picture windows are triple-glazed, and the woodwool insulation is 65cm thick, to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter !


All the materials used in the interior furniture reflect our philosophy: mostly organic cotton, wool and wood, for a limited use of plastic.

The outdoor sauna is there for you to relax, unwind and recharge the natural way.

About us

We are a team of five friends. Our friendship grew over several years through artistic projects (theatre, photography, cinema and more) and adventures around the world.


At 67 years of age, Gérard has extensive experience in a range industries. He started his career in the luxury hotel industry where he trained in customer service, later moving on to a business career in management positions.

In 2004, he embraced a calmer life focused on nature. He took part in the famous agroecological project LES AMANINS and reated the café-library in the municipality of Chabrillan.

Gérard looks after most things at Koteja-Nature: reception, booking management, assisting guests with their needs, guided tours, transport to and from the train station, making bicycles available, etc.


Oana is 38 years old, and studied the sustainable development of outdoor activities. She holds a Master's degree, and has been working in the cultural sector for more than 10 years and is involved in environmental awareness projects.

The countries that made a lasting impression on her were Portugal and Japan.

As the vice-president of this project, she made ensure that each idea can blossom and grow while respecting everyone’s opinions.

Fluent in several languages, she is in charge of creation, community management and SEO for the website and Facebook page, as well as managing bookings.


Aged 65, Michel was a professional actor, manager of a State-subsidized theatre company and production manager at Folimage.

With solid experience in administrative and accounting management, he is the financial manager of the project. He also supervises the whole technical side of the project and building works.


At 52, Eric travels abroad a lot for his work.

He took part in the creation of the project and was instrumental in increasing our deposit.


Sabine is 50 years old. A dental surgeon by profession, she worked for an NGO in Brazil and has just returned from a mission at the hospital in Mayotte. She is passionate about yoga, natural healing and healthy foods

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